You know the truth by the way it feels.
shanna bennett health coach

Hi! I'm Shanna Bennett,

Intuitive Health Expert and long-time connoisseur of natural living, gut health optimization, and seeker of health and happiness in all areas of life.

I'm really excited you're here and am overjoyed to share my simple, long-term success plans with you!

Here's my ultimate philosophy:
When the body is given a chance to heal itself, it will. Food is powerful and so are our thoughts. Nutrients and energy waves alike contribute to creating health OR creating disease. It's simply up to us to be the guiding light in choosing health.

How? Merely this: 
Knowledge, intuition, and application. 

Knowledge: Learning about the effects of food, thoughts, and behavior and how it affects our bodies, minds, emotions, mental clarity, disease, ailments, aches and pains... We use this knowledge after we listen to our intuition.

Intuition: aka our 'gut feeling', whether it be literal (gas, bloating, pain, fatigue) or as an 'inkling' (a bad feeling when you turn the corner, a little voice that's guiding you to a certain decision). It's a strong message we receive as a way to be guided towards decisions that will keep us safe, healthy, and in a harmonious flow of happiness .

Application: When we listen to our intuition, we can begin to respond appropriately and give the body and the mind what it truly needs. When we do this, we begin to feel amazing. This 'amazingness' happens because we begin to heal. And healing is a beautiful thing!


My Story

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It all began when I decided I wanted more.
It was a moment of realization that life truly CAN be comprised of immense love, light, and limitless possibility IF we allow ourselves the opportunity to grab ahold of it!

Grabbing ahold of the opportunity. You guys, it is all around us and within us ALL the time! Opportunity to be happy, to live more healthy, to soak up moments of gratitude and love, to be more present and mindful, to live more financially free, to design your dream life, etc.

So ask yourself - what is it that you want? Like, what do you REALLY want? And what's holding you back from feeling IMMENSELY happy and healthy and free?

My name is Shanna Bennett and I am a dream chaser, a believer in all things beautiful, and a giver of love and light. I've made it my life's mission to help other women create the highest level of pure peace, health, and happiness through healing energy, mindset and nutrition! So that is what I am all about.. and I could not be more ecstatic that you are here!

But hey, before you go, lets chat quick about my history with happiness...

Happiness - like true to your core happiness - is not something that has always been coursing through my veins. While I had spent years upon years with a smile on my face and helping A LOT of others' find THEIR happiness, my own was dampened. Sure there were true and honest moments of happiness, but darkness still too often crept in. It was too many days of flooded emotion and learning how to deal with anxiety, depression, body image issues, never feeling 'good enough', and you know - all that fun stuff a lot of women deal with. All I wanted was to feel truly, completely, IMMENSELY happy. I'm going skip ahead though and spoil the ending. I'm really freaking happy - like, to the depths of my core happy. How'd I do it? Well that's what you'll learn with me here.

Enough about me though, lets quick chat about happiness and YOU...

Happiness is something that is already within us. No matter what it is you have going on in life - happiness - is - there. It's simply up to you to acknowledge its presence and allow it to surface and be seen, felt, and heard. So it is here that we will discover the TOOLS necessary to create support and love in a real kick-ass kind of way. No one needs to try and do this alone - let’s do this together. Allow me to be your go-to wing-(wo)man to feeling your best self yet. 

Allow your certainty to shine and get ready to connect to your highest high-vibe loving self.

Let’s get our happy on.


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