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Hi, Iā€™m Shanna BENNETT!

I'm an Intuitive Health Expert and long-time connoisseur of natural living, anti-inflammatory optimization, and seeker of health and happiness in all areas of life.

I'm really excited you're here and am overjoyed to share my simple, long-term success plans with you!

Here's my ultimate philosophy:
When the body is given a chance to heal itself, it will. Food is powerful and so are our thoughts. Nutrients and energy waves alike contribute to creating health OR creating disease. It's simply up to us to be the guiding light in choosing health.

How? Merely this: 
Knowledge, intuition, and application. 

Knowledge: Learning about the effects of food, thoughts, and behavior and how it affects our bodies, minds, emotions, mental clarity, disease, ailments, aches and pains... We use this knowledge after we listen to our intuition.

Intuition: aka our 'gut feeling', whether it be literal (gas, bloating, pain, fatigue) or as an 'inkling' (a bad feeling when you turn the corner, a little voice that's guiding you to a certain decision). It's a strong message we receive as a way to be guided towards decisions that will keep us safe, healthy, and in a harmonious flow of happiness .

Application: When we listen to our intuition, we can begin to respond appropriately and give the body and the mind what it truly needs. When we do this, we begin to feel amazing. This 'amazingness' happens because we begin to heal. With healing comes alignment, and alignment is a beautiful thing!