What it means to Live through Love

Today's Focus (actually, every day's focus 😉 ) - Living through Love.

I'm spending this morning feeling so grateful for family - for snuggle time with my son, for being home with my family at breakfast time, for windows open and fresh air coming in, for legos spread across my living room floor, for a hot cup of coffee, for being home to say 'good morning' to my husband and wish him a happy day, for living through love.


Living through Love means living without judgement, resentment, worry, or hate. It means to give, share, uplift, and bring value to those around you without ever feeling the need for something in return; it's about being so connected with your own personal faith that LOVE will never lead you wrong.

Living through Love leads to my sole purpose of living free - because when we live free, we are living through love! We love our bodies, our minds, our life... we love each individual for their greatnesses and their stories, and we live through love by truly caring for others... we simply RADIATE when we live through love.

Bring consciousness to this approach - start today and carry it with you. Our world needs more of it, WE need more of it.

LIKE if you can live through love today!


Shanna Bennett