Reconnecting to your Goals

Do you ever find yourself starting something... whether it be for your nutrition, fitness, mindset, relationship building, spiritual practice, anything, and find yourself quitting?

Wait. All hands I assume should be up. We have ALL quit something at some time in our lives of which when we started we felt committed and excited. So where does that fire go? At what point do we say 'nah, it's not important to me anymore'?

I want you to focus on one thing you've had a desire for. Write it down. Next to it, write out a DAILY action plan with steps that would lead you to that goal within 90 days.

Next, take action. Don't just 'intend' to get there. DO get there. Commit! Decide that it's important to you, keep your mind on the end results, put your blinders on, don't allow obstacles to distract you, and just GO.

Trust in the process of your action steps. YOU WILL get there. Just trust... and go.

Shanna Bennett