Discomfort = Growth

Shanna Bennett

You know what I have been striving for most ALL of my life? 

To feel better. 👈

Better in my body, better in my happiness, better in my confidence, better in my relationships, better in my career, better... everything. 

So you know what approach I took? 
I'd try this... then try that... then try this other new thing I heard about... and when those didn't work, I'd try something else. But nothing was satisfying that 'better' desire. Why? 

This is why...

Every time I'd near the edge of reaching that desired 'better-ness' I'd self-sabotage (very subconsciously!!!). You see, we tend to do this to ourselves because even if we are uncomfortable with where we are at, that level of discomfort feels MORE comfortable than putting ourselves in a new position (which hello, is what we NEED if we ever want to feel MORE comfortable, aka 'better'!!!). New stages of 'better' can feel scary and even uncomfortable in themselves, even if we aren't aware of its happening. Are you following?

My point. If you want to feel BETTER in any way, shape, or form... make the decision that you're ready to get uncomfortable. 

Discomfort = Growth.

If you can relate to any of this, feel free to reach out to me. I'd love to help you break through to that next level of BETTER. 😊

Shanna Bennett