Light up your Life with Affirmations

affirmations shanna bennett

Alright... are you ready to take action and light up your life?!
Lets begin this journey together, right now, with affirmations.

First things first, prepare and allow.  
Prepare for a journey of self-love and happiness and allow your heart and mind to be open to it. Sure, it takes time, it takes effort. But all we need right now is for YOU to decide that you are ready for more. Take a deep breath. Affirm and accept: I am ready for positive change.

Again: "I am ready for positive change."

Lets begin with our affirmations.
What's an affirmation though, right? It's what we tell ourselves on a verbal, emotional and energetic level. What we tell ourselves, we become and lets face it, we ALL have way too much self-destruction going on in our minds (i.e. stress, anxiety, insecurities, worry, etc). It's time to allow ONLY positive, uplifting thoughts in... and it begins with what we affirm to ourselves! Makes sense, right?

To begin, look in the mirror.
Stand tall, shoulders back.
Take a deep breath.
Look yourself in the eye.
Say the following out loud (like you mean it - repeat it again and again until you FEEL it... and don't worry if you don't feel it right away. You will. This exercise is like a muscle - the more you work it, the stronger it will become).

Shanna Bennett