Reasons to Drink Lemon Water Daily


Try starting your day with focus, intent, and awareness of personal health and peace. How? Start with this simple tip: Drink Lemon Water first thing in the morning!

:: Water + Fresh Lemon Slices + Your Favorite Cup ::

Here are my top 5 reasons to drink lemon water first thing in the morning:

  1. Boosts metabolism and energy
  2. Cleanses & detoxifies from within to help the body function at a higher level
  3. Hydrates the body, brain, and skin (Are you looking for that 'glow'?)
  4. It's loaded with Vitamin C which helps to boost the immune system
  5. This is a natural stress reliever; the lemon calms the body which is why I love to pair my morning lemon water intake with some deep, cleansing breathes

Try drinking it in your favorite glass, sip slowly as you pair it with some deep breathes, and focus on your intention and peace for the day ahead.

Shanna Bennett