Why I Love Smoothies

green smoothie

Smoothies (YUM).
Do you ever make them?

This is one of my favorites from my Smoothie ebook (Ultimate Detox Smoothie 👊🏼).

Feeling uplifted and energized as I sip, enjoy the present moment, and kick off day 3 of ‘Enlightened Nutrition’.

But why I love these smoothies?

1 - they are created with whole, real foods that are detoxifying, naturally reduce inflammation, boost your digestive health and immune system, and are super nutrient dense.

2 - there’s no ‘supplements’ or ‘products’ added to them... they’re simply made from real, whole food grown directly from Mother Nature herself.

3 - they’re so quick and easy!!

4 - did you know liquids digest faster than solids? While delivering dense nutrition to your body, you’ll naturally receive an energy boost from the food itself and ALSO will allow your body to spend less energy on digesting and instead conserve it for later in the day when you need it most (digestion required energy - give your body a break) 😉😘

Check out Enlighten Nutrition here.

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