3 (maybe surprising) Reasons you're Tired in the Morning

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Good morning! Is it?! Of course it is, but how about we make it even better, more energizing, more vibrant?!

I know a lot of people who dub themselves as 'morning people' and a lot of others who just say they are not 'morning people' at all... but why is this? Is this reality, a choice, or could it be simply the result of our lifestyle behaviors and mindset? 

Okay, truth. It could be all of the above. 

While there are a lot of contributing factors of why you could be tired in the morning, there are 3 reasons that I feel go under appreciated all too often. The beauty of the following reasons is that they can pretty easily be 'nourished' and 'fixed' without too much effort, helping to enhance your feel-good vibes in the morning, boost your energy and mental clarity, and leave you feeling more vibrant throughout the day. 

Here we go.

Reason #1 you may be tired in the morning:
You ate within 2 hours of going to sleep.
 Truly. When we eat after that 2 hour window before resting our eyes for the night, our bodies have to work overtime to digest the food we eat! And lets be real, are we really eating nutrient dense foods like carrots and kale OR are we eating fruit, chips, popcorn, ice cream (you tell me)? Digestion takes a lot of energy. When this energy is used up while we sleep instead of being stored up for the morning, it makes perfect sense that we are more tired than we'd like to be. Save your energy, steer clear of the evening snacking and instead opt for some tea, water, or if those cravings are strong consider closing your eyes a little earlier and give the body some added rest!


Reason #2 you may be tired in the morning:
Your mind is on GO MODE and it's causing you stress or anxiety.
 And with that said, breathe in through the nose and exhale through the mouth (yes, you can do that now). It can be hard to turn off the mind after a busy day and, to face reality here, I think most of society probably struggles with common daily stress and anxiety. Our demands are high. When we can't turn off our racing thoughts, it can make getting a good night's sleep near impossible. And of course a poor nights sleep is going to leave us feeling tired in the morning. So how do we fix this?

Try this: Before you go to bed at night, with all electronics off, pick up a notebook and pen. Handwrite your thoughts, let them flow. Don't think, just write, empty your racing thoughts onto paper without edit, without the need for it to make sense, just get it out. All of it. Write for 5-10 minutes, take a deep breath, crinkle up your paper and throw it in the trash. Lay down. Breathe. Focus on your breathe. If your mind starts going back to your racing thoughts, recognize that and bring your focus back to your breathe.

You can do this too if you wake up in the night with racing thoughts. Breathe, focus on your breathe, and find yourself nodding off to sleep.


Reason #3 you may be tired in the morning:
You're not eating a nourishing, energizing breakfast. What you eat (or don't eat, speaking to all you non-breakfast eaters) in the morning will make a huge impact on your day. If you consume high-sugar, high-starch, heavy foods in the morning think about the effects: sugar crashes, heaviness, and cravings because your body needs nutrients, not sugar. Or if you don't eat, you're really not fueling your body with anything. If we fuel with nothing, then where does the energy come from (food for thought - no pun intended)?
The tough part comes in with this though: We all thrive differently off of different foods, so it's important to listen to your body. Over the next week, try a different breakfast each day. Note 30 minutes and 2 hours after how you feel. Do you feel satiated? Energized? Tired? Moody? Happy? Light? Heavy? Write down how you feel from each of the different breakfasts and find your unique, energizing choices.


So there you have it... 3 contributing reasons to why you may be feeling tired when you start your day. And as I mentioned, of course there could be a lot of other contributing reasons but these are some main ones that I see going unnoticed. Hope you find them helpful and I look forward to you expanding your innate love and light through a more well rested, vibrant you!


Shanna Bennett

Shanna Bennett