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Eating WHOLE, clean foods every day is SO necessary if we want our bodies and minds to function as best they can... This we know, yes?

But ARE you getting enough of that awesome nutrition in each day? Maybe, maybe not. Smoothies are an amazing way to amp up your dose of greens and other power-punch nutrient-dense superfoods. These can help you boost energy, improve digestion, shed excess weight, help your skin shine, knock out cravings, and so much more.

Here are some of my favorite smoothie recipes for you to try and enjoy!
And when you drink them, I urge this:

Take a deep breathe.
Express gratitude and mindfulness.
Be in the present moment.
And sip joyfully as you fuel your body with amazing, whole-food nutrition.


KICKSTART-CONSULT: A 1:1 strategy session to kickstart your health and happiness

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Schedule a 30-minute kickstart-consult to discuss your health history (what you've had going on), health goals (where you want to be), and receive a small handful of individualized strategies to begin implementing immediately into your life.

This a great tool to launch you forward as a solo-step or an amazing kickstart to diving deeper into further coaching! 


1 session $45

ENLIGHTENED NUTRITION: A 7 day breakthrough for body and mind

Out now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, and more!

Enlightened Nutrition (EN) is your 'take the guess work out and just do something that works' approach to feeling lighter, brighter, healthier, and more in control of how you feel.

It's not a diet. It's not a cleanse. It's just a real-life approach to feeling your best by reducing toxicity and inflammation through strategies that you CAN continue with long-term.

We eat whole foods.
We take out the foods that cause our bodies internal stress.
We allow healing to take place. 

Receive ongoing coaching support as you dive into the abundant recipe album, connect with other participants, and maximize success and accountability with daily check-ins. Learn how to create delicious, healing meals and innately create an individualized roadmap for long-term success.

Once you're in this group, you're welcome to stay as long as you'd like and will then be eligible to participate in the advanced learning courses to continue on your path of success (see below).


$39 (on sale for a limited time)

INDIVIDUALIZED COACHINGSHIP: Where professional coaching support coincides with 'BFF' status

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Here, it's all about you.

You have goals.
I create specific, individualized steps for you to reach those goals.
I hold your hand (virtually) and give you the appropriate amount of check-ins and 'kicks in the butt' as necessary. 

You achieve your goals.
You feel awesome.
We remain life-long friends.

It's amazing.
It's amazing because it's 100% designed for you only you.

Cost of Kickstart-Consult waived upon purchase of this package.
Weekly sessions + daily support.

8 weeks / $1111

*Limited Availability


Intuitively Aligned - Anxiety.jpeg

This is YOUR TIME to align with who you are and how you want to feel so that you can show up and serve in the greatest way possible!

Different circumstances of every day life lead to anxiety, depression, judgement, comparison to others, self critique, worries, stressors, fears… It can be never ending (and sometimes debilitating).

This is why I am here, to help you align with confidence and flow.
Regain control and reconnect with what it means to feel excited, empowered, and successful no matter where you are at in life.

Here we will:

  • Dive deep into identifying your fears. Then, bust through them.

  • Identify with what a higher power means to you. Then, connect to it.

  • Learn a variety of forms of meditation to help bring clarity, peace, and certainty.

  • Learn to protect your energy & release the heaviness that weighs you down.

  • Learn to establish a high-vibe presence that is contagious.

  • And of course, embrace the energetic healing of nutrition to help create more clarity, uplift, and grounding in your life.

More details to come…