For the restless and frustrated soul, Shanna's 7 day Detox will quickly bring peace not only to the body but also the mind. She is thorough, each post is engaging, and her knowledge and passion stir up the motivation and eagerness that lie below your surface. She teaches you to think more than just "food" but health overall with the body, mind, and emotions. You will discover you are enough to overcome cravings and mental stumbling blocks so that you can heal your relationship with food and discover what it truely means to feel good. I've tried them all... every diet you can think of and this detox was the first time I felt HOPE. I found that not only did I kill my addiction to sugar and lose 5lbs, but most importantly I saw the ability to sustain and continue in my newly discovered health. This doesn't end at 7 days... It's been 5 weeks now and I am still drawing from the strengTh, balance, a stability that Shanna taught me. I can't thank you enough!!



Before participating in the Detox and Movement program, I was much more self-critical and had no realization of how my body is actually designed to feel. This week long journey has helped me to gain a new mindset on what the possibilities of my health hold and that I absolutely deserve to feel good every single day. Detox and Movement puts the reins in your hands, YOU decide how you want to feel based on how you treat your body and mind. I would definitely recommend this program others! This is a great way to jumpstart your health journey because in such a short time (one week) you will feel so much better and begin to develop healthy habits that you can continue to build on.



As soon as I began working with Shanna Bennett I realized that she was different. She helps you focus on every aspect of life: relationships, spirituality, fitness, nutrition, occupation, family, etc. She really opens up the door to let you dig deep into yourself and find the root of your issues, if you have any. For me, I was having constant headaches and stomach aches and I wasn’t seeing results working out on my own. But, not only did I rid my stomachaches and headaches, I also lost about 10 pounds.  I have made a complete 180 with my life in the last 6 months. I have never been happier with my life, my body, my fitness, my relationships with family and friends, my nutrition, my health, my confidence... Just everything is better thanks to Shanna. I owe it all to her!



I truly was unsure, anxious and downright scared when we were first starting out. I was unsure because you are younger than me. Wow! I learned you may be younger in years, however you are incredibly trained and have wisdom far beyond your years. I was anxious because I wondered if I had made a good investment, but as our time together progressed, I watched my investment grow double and triple fold. 



My coach (shout-out to Shanna who is a bright light in this world!) helps me establish my goals, remember my why, and stay on track through a variety of methods designed to help me feel empowered, capable and ready to reach the vibrant health I so long for. Following shoulder surgery in December, I was the weakest and most out-of-shape I had ever been in my life... and I can guarantee that if it wasn't for Shanna, I would have continued down the path of physical body-breakdown rather than making a commitment to myself to start rebuilding my strength TODAY (not tomorrow).



I want to thank Shanna for walking on this health journey with me. We connected through Facebook the fall of 2015 and I was sharing with her my food struggles and gut issues. We immediately connected because we had similar struggles. She has helped so much by walking me through the emotional and physical healing of my journey, and helping me to change my mindset. She always brought me back to the tools that would help me become stronger, reminded me to get centered, listen to my body, focus on self-love, and take it one day at a time.
For the first time in my life I'm feeling better and stronger.



I just finished a week of Detox with Shan and am planning on continuing another week. It has been a wonderful experience and I know that I will go back periodically and repeat it. I lost 8 pounds, my cravings are gone, and I have more energy. The recipes were filling and delicious so I never felt deprived, and I was excited to be fueling my body with healthy food. No self loathing or negative thinking when moving in the right direction! Shan was encouraging and supportive and always available and willing to answer questions and motivate, when necessary. Such a great plan!



It is because of Shanna's guidance that I am far healthier and stronger than I have been since my early 20's. She knows how hard to push or when to take it easy on me. Shanna is very knowledgeable about health concerns and if she doesn’t know the answer or is puzzled by a concern, she doesn’t hesitate to research and suggest new ideas. My husband is a recipient of this coaching as we both eat way differently than we did even two years ago. Her coaching is definitely an extension of who Shanna is and what she believes in. You will not find a more committed health coach anywhere.



In just one week, Shanna was able to make a difference in my day to day life and how I view many different aspects of my health!  When I committed to joining a 7 day fitness and nutrition challenge lead by Shanna, I was not completely sure what I was getting myself into! Prior to day one, Shanna firmly explained that she would accept no excuses. As a proceeded through the 7 day program, I realized that all of the excuses I'd used in the past were really just that, excuses! I completed the challenge ,with few difficulties, following all guidelines, and, by day 2 or 3, I was already noticing a difference in my attitude, motivation, and energy levels. Shanna kept me accountable, which helped a lot, and also offered guidance in areas with which I was unfamiliar. She addressed all my questions and concerns in a timely manner, and offered real-life solutions for problems I encountered along the way. She was also quick to praise and encourage! 

I loved working with her, and would recommend her to those just beginning their journey, those looking to add something extra to their already polished health plans, and all of those individuals in between!



When I met Shanna in December 2013 I really needed help to get my weight under control for good. For years I would do a really great job losing weight for a few months, and then spend the next few putting it right back on. I didn't know how to stop this vicious cycle. 

She took the time and really taught me how to eat for my body and how to make the appropriate changes so they would last once and for all. I am now 25 pounds lighter and continuing to lose! I don't ever see myself going back to where I was, with all the positive changes I have made it's not even an option! I am so excited about my weight loss but honestly, I think I love all the other changes in my life that have come about since working with Shanna more. I no longer suffer from migraines, I sleep great, I do things for me, I have more energy, no more cravings for sweets, and I am truly HAPPY! Shanna was great at answering my many questions and was (and still is) super supportive throughout the Health Coaching program. 

One day I really hope to inspire others like she has inspired me!