Kaylie S.

Enlightened Nutrition with Shanna is amazing! It has shown me that healthy/ clean eating is easy and quick! The recipes are delicious, I never craved anything and my family also enjoyed a lot of the same foods!

I have done the cleanse portion twice and each time found new foods and personal things that worked for me. My first round I lost a few pounds and an entire inch off my waist! But for me it was more how I felt! I had energy, I felt focused, and my anxiety was down. In fact I felt so great after my first week, I purchased the program for my sister! I have seen the positive effects that Enlightened Nutrition has on me and my family and I can't thank Shanna enough for that!

Kim B.

I am amazed! Today begins day 5. I woke this morning with little to no hip pain. I actually got out of bed like a younger me. No foot pain, heel pain, no limping to the bathroom. I am amazed. Thank you Shanna Bennett, for enlightening me.

Summer J.

For the restless and frustrated soul, Shanna's 7 day program will quickly bring peace not only to the body but also the mind. She is thorough, each post is engaging, and her knowledge and passion stir up the motivation and eagerness that lie below your surface. She teaches you to think more than just "food" but health overall with the body, mind, and emotions. You will discover you are enough to overcome cravings and mental stumbling blocks so that you can heal your relationship with food and discover what it truly means to feel good. I've tried them all... every diet you can think of and this program was the first time I felt HOPE. I found that not only did I kill my addiction to sugar and lose 5 pounds, but most importantly I saw the ability to sustain and continue in my newly discovered health. This doesn't end at 7 days... It's been 5 weeks now and I am still drawing from the strength, balance, a stability that Shanna taught me. I can't thank you enough!!

Katie K.

I found Shanna’s Enlightened Nutrition program in November of 2017. I would love to sit here and tell you that I jumped right in feet first and since then my life has changed tremendously but that’s not how it happened. I did my usual “half feeble attempt” at the program, not preparing myself completely and making sure I set myself up for success. I failed miserably on day one and gave up.

For years I have struggled with my nutrition. I am what you would call an “emotional eater.” My struggle only got worse after my biological father died in October of 2016. I was using food and alcohol to numb every emotion I didn’t want to process. I knew I needed to do something because my health was getting out of control. I had gained 40 lbs, was tired all the time, could barely walk for a mile without losing my breath. This was a far cry from the person I used to be. I used to run in races, win triathlons, and LOVED exercising. Somewhere along the line I let my eating start to control my life.

Now let’s fast forward to present day. Even though I gave up on my first attempt, I still stayed in the Facebook support group and watched all the things people were posting about. Talk about inspirational! The food looked so amazing and easy to prepare. It didn’t have to be difficult. I could use simple ingredients and make delicious food. Who would have thought?!? Week by week went by and I decided I needed to try again. I needed this for myself, I needed to be healthy again. There was so much more I wanted out of my life than coming home everyday after work and falling asleep on the couch. I knew with the support of these amazing women who were on this journey too, I could do it.

So, on February 26th, 2018, I took the leap. This time around though, I went grocery shopping, made a meal list and made sure I was fully prepared. Within three days I was feeling so much lighter and had a lot more energy. My family loved the dinners I made. (Even my 10-year-old daughter!) By the end of the first week I couldn’t believe how much better I felt. I was genuinely happy for the first time in almost 2 years, I lost 7.5 lbs, started exercising again, had energy to clean when I got home from work, fell in LOVE with meal prepping, and learned how to listen to my body. One of my biggest take-aways was how little food I needed to eat to feel full. This program has completely changed my life and I am starting to see the person I once was. I will be forever grateful to Shanna for helping to guide me to take better care of myself and all the work she has put into this program. If you are on the fence, take the leap. It will forever change you.

Margaret G.

I have tried so many programs to lose weight! That was my main objective here. I have to say I have come to a fork in the road. I was either going to continue spiraling down or had to make a change. Shanna gave me the motivation to do something, anything! I owed it to myself and to those I love to well, get healthy! The first week I followed the program and lost 6.5 pounds. But that is actually not the best part. I shared the foods with my family and they complimented me on my cooking! That's big! Ok here is the best best part! I have a lot of pain in my hips making it difficult to walk for any distance. 500 feet, I'm done. I am actually up to 2+ miles. Not pain free but better and I have been able to walk through the discomfort which I could not do before. The best part is I feel good on the inside. I was experiencing a lot of anxiety and heart issues, that too is decreasing! As of today I am down 7.5 pounds and walking everyday! Thank you Shanna! I plan to continue this journey with you. God Bless this community. Love Margaret

Cheryl C.

For being an anxious person who was frustrated with my body, I needed a body and mind check. I happened to come across Shanna’s detox post and knew I had to do it. It was a matter of actually doing it. I had Shanna for a personal trainer forever ago and I will never forget the impact she had on me. I needed that again... so I went for it. Seven days later I am more aware of what I’m putting in my body as well as how to treat my body. Down 6 pounds in one week isn’t bad either!  Thank you for this great community of health!

Jessica D.

Enlightened Nutrition was just the program I needed to reset. I had started feeling like I didn't have control of myself, when I very well do. This program got me excited about eating whole foods and working out again. I felt so much better by the end of the program, it spurred me to want to continue on. I found a workout program that I am enjoying now and am motivated and feeling more empowered to fuel my body in the right way. I also feel more knowledgeable about different foods, and that allows for more flexibility in eating healthier. And the recipes Shanna provides -- so good! Thank you Shanna for this wonderful program and the motivation & empowerment it gave me, and continues to give me! Such a great community within the group, and Shanna is available for any questions and is so motivating throughout and after!

Heather L.

I never thought that I would actually be able to see results in such a short amount of time and was completely shocked that I lost 5 pounds and 2 inches off of my waist in only 1 week! I was also able to pinpoint which of the foods that we had eliminated during the detox were actually negatively affecting my body. This program has made me more aware of my body and more in tune to how the foods that I eat truly make me feel.

Katie M.

I felt amazing after completing this program! I was nervous that the amount of food would not be enough but I was so wrong. I had so much energy and was always satisfied. The recipes were great and easy to throw together. My cravings for sugar were gone!

Bethany R.

Before participating in the Enlightened Nutrition program, I was much more self-critical and had no realization of how my body is actually designed to feel. This week long journey has helped me to gain a new mindset on what the possibilities of my health hold and that I absolutely deserve to feel good every single day. Enlightened Nutrition puts the reins in your hands, YOU decide how you want to feel based on how you treat your body and mind. I would definitely recommend this program others! This is a great way to jumpstart your health journey because in such a short time (one week) you will feel so much better and begin to develop healthy habits that you can continue to build on.

Taylor R.

As soon as I began working with Shanna Bennett I realized that she was different. She helps you focus on every aspect of life: relationships, spirituality, fitness, nutrition, occupation, family, etc. She really opens up the door to let you dig deep into yourself and find the root of your issues, if you have any. For me, I was having constant headaches and stomach aches and I wasn’t seeing results working out on my own. But, not only did I rid my stomachaches and headaches, I also lost about 10 pounds.  I have made a complete 180 with my life in the last 6 months. I have never been happier with my life, my body, my fitness, my relationships with family and friends, my nutrition, my health, my confidence... Just everything is better thanks to Shanna. I owe it all to her!


I truly was unsure, anxious and downright scared when we were first starting out. I was unsure because you are younger than me. Wow! I learned you may be younger in years, however you are incredibly trained and have wisdom far beyond your years. I was anxious because I wondered if I had made a good investment, but as our time together progressed, I watched my investment grow double and triple fold. 

Chelsea C.

My coach (shout-out to Shanna who is a bright light in this world!) helps me establish my goals, remember my why, and stay on track through a variety of methods designed to help me feel empowered, capable and ready to reach the vibrant health I so long for. Following shoulder surgery in December, I was the weakest and most out-of-shape I had ever been in my life... and I can guarantee that if it wasn't for Shanna, I would have continued down the path of physical body-breakdown rather than making a commitment to myself to start rebuilding my strength TODAY (not tomorrow).

Paula J.

I want to thank Shanna for walking on this health journey with me. We connected through Facebook the fall of 2015 and I was sharing with her my food struggles and gut issues. We immediately connected because we had similar struggles. She has helped so much by walking me through the emotional and physical healing of my journey, and helping me to change my mindset. She always brought me back to the tools that would help me become stronger, reminded me to get centered, listen to my body, focus on self-love, and take it one day at a time.
For the first time in my life I'm feeling better and stronger.

Sharon S.

Hi. I’m Sharon, and I’m a food-a-holic.
I remember when I was in kindergarten. I went to my friends house after school, and between the two of us; we polished off a whole bag of Chips Ahoy. Its my first memory ever of abusing food. But I never really got over that, either. My parents weren’t any help. My dad was a cook for a living. He always encouraged second helpings. Our entire family was overweight. I always knew I should try to get healthy. Eat less and exercise. Easy, right? Not! I had no idea *how* to do so. And does anyone remember the cute spandex exercise “uniforms” of the 80’s? Sure, laughable now. But then they were so cute! Not to mention that you had to have an amazing bod (full hair and makeup done) to wear it! Only models looked good in them. And WHO is ever going to exercise looking like that? Right?

Anyway, fast forward a few decades. I married a foodie who loves to cook. And overeat. A match made in heaven. This phase of my life (over 50) there are other things working against my body. Hormones... or loss of them. Pain. New pain every day. I’m sure you’re starting to get the picture by now. It is even harder to lose weight than it ever used to be.

I found Shanna totally by accident. She made a beautiful website for our friend. We saw it and we asked her to build one for our business as well. (And if you’re wondering, ours is gorgeous! She’s really talented!) I just happened to click the link to her website. And had no idea I was about to change my life. Shanna was running a special for her seven day detox. That’s the last thing I really wanted to do, but I couldn’t beat the price. I jumped on the deal. I showed the recipes to my husband. Remember, he is the cook in the family. He was very skeptical. But willing. Onward we went to detox our bodies. And I’m not going to lie. It was definitely an adjustment. Day two my husband was complaining... fairly loudly. We both got headaches. But we kept going, because Shanna’s recipes are delicious!

By day three the headaches were nearly gone. And so was the stress I always carry in my neck and shoulders. I felt SO good! I had truly no idea that I hadn’t felt good before. Really amazing to us. So amazing, that we don’t ever want to go back. We both lost weight, too! Though we weren’t really trying. We thought we would just try to get through the program rather than worrying about losing. So the loss was a really happy surprise.

Shanna’s program is really easy to follow. The food is amazing, and she’s great! She’s happy to answer all questions, and she’s really motivating. I would recommend this program to anyone, especially a foodie like me. I never felt deprived of anything. Hubby, too. That’s huge. We feel really grateful that we found Shanna. It was a really happy accident that we’re SO glad had happened. And you will be, too. I’m sure of it.

Christine S.

I was approaching 40 and when I turned 39, I promised myself I start 40 at my best. I had a yr, then 6 months, then 3 months, then a week and for the first time in my life...I was actually at, what I felt, was at my worse. I wasn't miserable but I knew I could feel better, in all aspects in life.

I had been intrigued by the program for some time. I read the posts, I liked them, loved them and smiled each time. Suddenly a week before my 40th birthday, I asked, why not me?? I DECIDED, COMMITTED and went for it!! I DESERVED it! My mom asked me why? You already know what you need to do! (I graduated with a Health ed bachelor degree)...I answered..."but I haven't".

I have always had no problem with the active/exercise part of it but never bothered with the rest. Ive heard often: the results you get happen in the kitchen. I have ignored it for yrs. November 2017 changed my life!! It wasn't just about weight, even though I've battled with body image, Ive never had a weight issue. It was about a different outlook, a different happiness, getting to know ME again, being the best mom I could. Being more present, feeling GOOD! No, not good...AMAZING! My stresses (that we all have) did not disappear, they became easier to deal with. Did food do that? Crazy right?!?

We all have one chance at this crazy thing called life. I want to know at the end of the day, with my normal human faults, I did my best. Not only for ME, but for my SON and EVERYONE I have the privilege to cross paths with.

The commitment is up to you, the plan...simply given, greatly supported and crazy easy! In my past I've done detoxes and cleanses and could not wait for the day after! Enlightened Nutrition took me to a new level. A level that when I completed the 7 days, there was no looking back. Its not a fad, not a diet, not a starvation...it is a lifestyle that I only wish I chose sooner!

Chelsea C.

Shanna is everything a coach should be! She's positive, empowering, leads by example and is one of the nicest and real people you'll ever meet. But she also makes living a healthier, happier life DOABLE. Shanna and her programs are completely approachable and deliver results. Through Shanna's programs, like Enlightened Nutrition, I've been able to return to making the choices that I know serve me best--and as a result, I've added more energy, vibrancy and overall well-being to my life. Whenever I feel like I'm starting to fall-off the wagon, I know I can look to Shanna to inspire and motivate me to live better! I highly recommend working with Shanna as a coach, or even just following her for day-to-day advice, tips and inspiration.

Deidre L.

Absolutely loved this reboot! Helped me feel that I'm not alone in this clean eating journey, and I just love the community we have here. Helped cleanse my look at food in general and made me realize what foods my body doesn't do well with and which give me energy and joy. This is life giving!! The sense of renewal and peace is priceless. I have also seen clearer skin, less bloat and stomach issues, and just have been happier!! It's all in a simple, yet detailed plan that is doable! I tried several different ways of eating/cleanses, but this is the best I've found and how I like to eat on a regular basis. Highly recommend doing the cleanse and seeing where you'll go from there! You won't regret it. ♥️

Lorna K.

This has been a great week, I’ve tried new recipes, loved them, and lost 10 pounds. I have taken several walks and feel the best I have in a long time. Thank you Shanna for this opportunity to change some eating habits, and encouraging more exercising. I still have a way to go, but this was a good jumpstart.

Lisa D.

I just finished a week of detox with Shan and am planning on continuing another week. It has been a wonderful experience and I know that I will go back periodically and repeat it. I lost 8 pounds, my cravings are gone, and I have more energy. The recipes were filling and delicious so I never felt deprived, and I was excited to be fueling my body with healthy food. No self loathing or negative thinking when moving in the right direction! Shan was encouraging and supportive and always available and willing to answer questions and motivate, when necessary. Such a great plan!

Dannielle B.

This was such a great experience & exactly what I needed going into the holiday season...I struggled to cut out unhealthy foods because I work in the mall surrounded by food and the smell of freshly baked cookies from down the hall everyday! This program got me through the hardest week to cut it all out but I have yet to crave these unhealthy foods at all! So great to have more energy & feel good about what I am putting into my body! This is no longer just something I’m trying out but has become a lifestyle change for me, thank you so much!

Cori N.

I've always been a healthy-ish person. I eat mostly organic, grow a lot of my own food and am conscious of where my animal proteins come from... so at first I wasn't sure I'd get much out of Shanna's Enlightened Nutrition Program. Wow, was I wrong. While I generally had healthy eating habits, I was eating way too much of what though was "good stuff," and wasn't eating nearly enough of the foods that would really recharge and heal my body. After getting a nasty cold during my first round of the program I took a little time and got myself psyched up for another round. That round has turned into a habit of truly intentional eating. I was and still sometimes am a stress/emotional eater. I used food to help me feel better about stress an issues in my life that I couldn't always control. While a lot of my actual stress load hasn't changed, my eating has - which has directly affected how well I am able to manage my stress. I've also almost completely eliminated any stress that surrounds food. I meal plan once or twice a week and only have to "worry" about what to eat during those times. I've also cut down my grocery bill, since I've got my plan and I'm not impulse buying all of the snack foods I used to get. My food waste has gone down which not only helps my budget, but it has also helped me be a more ethical and mindful buyer of food. All of the detox interventions are great as well. Self care is so important and I feel like the Enlightened Nutrition program is truly a top notch self care tool. Being part of a group of people all with a collective goal is amazing, we share success, failures and tips and tricks to help us all be the best version of ourselves. Who wouldn't want to be a part of this?

Amy G.

I’ve done the 7 day detox twice now and have found it to be such a great way to reset when I’m feeling off track or just wanting a boost for my body and mind. The thing I love is that it’s so practical and it focuses on more than just food. It’s a whole body reset. Whenever I do this detox, I always have more energy, less cravings, and I sleep so much better. I am SO glad to have this in my health arsenal to come back to as needed. Thank you Shanna for being so dedicated to helping others!

Jean H.

It is because of Shanna's guidance that I am far healthier and stronger than I have been since my early 20's. She knows how hard to push or when to take it easy on me. Shanna is very knowledgeable about health concerns and if she doesn’t know the answer or is puzzled by a concern, she doesn’t hesitate to research and suggest new ideas. My husband is a recipient of this coaching as we both eat way differently than we did even two years ago. Her coaching is definitely an extension of who Shanna is and what she believes in. You will not find a more committed health coach anywhere.

Fawn P.

In just one week, Shanna was able to make a difference in my day to day life and how I view many different aspects of my health!  When I committed to joining a 7 day fitness and nutrition challenge lead by Shanna, I was not completely sure what I was getting myself into! Prior to day one, Shanna firmly explained that she would accept no excuses. As a proceeded through the 7 day program, I realized that all of the excuses I'd used in the past were really just that, excuses! I completed the challenge, with few difficulties, following all guidelines, and, by day 2 or 3, I was already noticing a difference in my attitude, motivation, and energy levels. Shanna kept me accountable, which helped a lot, and also offered guidance in areas with which I was unfamiliar. She addressed all my questions and concerns in a timely manner, and offered real-life solutions for problems I encountered along the way. She was also quick to praise and encourage! 

I loved working with her, and would recommend her to those just beginning their journey, those looking to add something extra to their already polished health plans, and all of those individuals in between!

Amber K.

When I met Shanna in December 2013 I really needed help to get my weight under control for good. For years I would do a really great job losing weight for a few months, and then spend the next few putting it right back on. I didn't know how to stop this vicious cycle. 

She took the time and really taught me how to eat for my body and how to make the appropriate changes so they would last once and for all. I am now 25 pounds lighter and continuing to lose! I don't ever see myself going back to where I was, with all the positive changes I have made it's not even an option! I am so excited about my weight loss but honestly, I think I love all the other changes in my life that have come about since working with Shanna more. I no longer suffer from migraines, I sleep great, I do things for me, I have more energy, no more cravings for sweets, and I am truly HAPPY! Shanna was great at answering my many questions and was (and still is) super supportive throughout the Health Coaching program. 

One day I really hope to inspire others like she has inspired me!